Dry-aging cabinet

Rising product’s value.

Meat, cheese or salami dry aging is a process that provides added value to the product. This is obtained by keeping these foods in very precise set of conditions of cold, humidity and ventilation for a certain amnount of time.
During meat maduration, as an example, meat is evolving, softening its texture while it’s flavor gets concentrated. This fact allows selling the meat at a price higher than the original, increasing the business profits.
MEAT-AGER is Fagor's concept for dry aging and display that increases the value of each product (meat, salami, cheese) stored inside. The solution is based on a set of benefits.

Maximum display area

360º display enhances product visibility from any angle. Full length glasses in all sides.

Humidity control

System controlled by a compact ultrasonic nebulizer (MA) or by evaporator and fan (MD).

Water supply

In MA models, external water supply through reverse osmosis system. Its filters purify water from odors, flavors and impurities.

Flexible layout

Product can be placed on different shelves or hung on hooks, depending on the need of each establishment.

Modular design

Flexible design that allows combining multiple units when joined one against the other. This feature enables to create separating walls in large dining halls with a stylish, attractive aesthetics that ensures the visual continuity of the room.

Remote group

As an option, dry-aging cabinets could be delivered with remote condensing unit.  In these models, the height of the upper part is reduced to 300 mm.

UV light evaporators

Very precise ventilated refrigeration system. Germicidal ultraviolet light in the aspiration of the evaporator for air sterilization.

Tropicalized version

Version for climate class V (temperature up to 40ºC and relative humidity 40%) including heated glass frames.

Easy delivery

Dry-aging cabinets are shipped in two sections, body and removable top evaporator section, for easy delivery. During installation, it is enough to place the cold unit on top of the body to attain a hermetic block.

A fully lit dry-aging cabinet

Light intensity could be controlled by a remote control to adjust the lighting to that of the environment.

Color options

Other options of wine cellar color and LED light available on demand.

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