A robust and resistant oven, built to last

Perfectly ergonomic, easy to handle and safe Full revamp of all Advance ovens

Cooking chamber

Hygienic, cube-shaped cooking chamber without any grooves or protrusions in order to prevent the buildup of dirt inside.


More ergonomic handle

All combi ovens feature a newly designed handle which is both sturdy and ergonomic. Moreover, they have a new dual system for opening on both sides.


More sturdy and stable rack

The new rack has a reinforced structure with a smaller centre of gravity, giving it extra stability and ease of handling. All wheels are double, and the rear wheels are fitted with a brake for greater safety.


New reinforced glass door

A new double glazed door which reduces heat losses and, in turn, power consumption.


Less is more

The base area of ​​the oven has been reduced by 20%. The new Advance generation offers greater productivity in less space.


100% stainless steel, highly robust

Made completely of austenitic stainless steel; inside made of AISI-304 stainless steel. The new Advance range has improved design and stability. The 201 and 202 ovens are fitted with a reinforced tubular base structure with newly designed, highly robust built-in legs.


New extractable seal

The new extractable seal makes cleaning and maintenance tasks easier.


Hold-Open Door system

The Hold-Open Door system is based on a toothed hinge which prevents the door from closing accidentally, thus providing greater control over opening and improved safety.


Condensation Tray

Condensation liquid collection tray for both the oven casing and the door.