10 reasons to choose
an Advance oven

  • 01

    An oven for each professional need

    Dozens of models, 5 sizes, 3 different ranges ... capable of meeting all professional needs thanks to their sturdy, resistant design which ensures all ovens are built to last.

  • 02

    Easy to use

    Above all, simplicity. All functions within finger reach. It also has self-explanatory interfaces, ergonomic sensor, automatic washing system... Dozens of new features to make cooking easier than ever.

  • 03

    Excellent results, minimum wastage

    Thanks to their powerful steam generation and optimal temperature distribution, Advance combi ovens achieve excellent cooking results with minimal wastage. Improved succulence, more even distribution of heat, cooking consistency and, above all, greater precision throughout the process.

  • 04

    Maintenance savings

    We have improved our technical support and customer care systems with new functions to save time and money in after-sales services and maintenance. For example, the single access point for maintenance, automation applications, configuration, maintenance and self-gauging, amongst others.

  • 05

    Improved hygiene

    With Advance generation combi ovens, pure water steam is constantly renewed and combustion takes place outside the cooking chamber. They also include numerous food safety improvements, such as the extractable seal fitted as standard throughout the range, or the fact that the shell is welded on the inside in order to prevent the buildup of dirt.

  • 06

    Improved work environment

    New oven opening system (more comfortable for the chef), sensor with ergonomic grip, racks which are easier to move, super silent burners and improved self-cleaning systems which undoubtedly increase safety and comfort in the working environment.

  • 07


    Advance combi ovens include important improvements in their structure and transport systems, such as a new handle, double glazed door and double wheels, in order to guarantee a sturdy, resistant product which is built to last.

  • 08

    Greater productivity

    The new generation offers greater productivity on a smaller surface area. It also allows for installation in columns, increasing the versatility of the kitchen and offering better service in less space.

  • 09

    Energy efficiency

    Fagor is firmly committed to saving energy and caring for the environment. New combi ovens are fitted with high efficiency burners which emit less CO and make more efficient use of resources.

  • 10

    Together We Evolve

    Throughout its 40 year history, Fagor has been committed to evolving along with its customers. This is why we have a comprehensive offer, allowing professionals to focus on what really matters: making the most of their kitchen.