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This document sets out the General Terms of Use of this WEBSITE, published on the Internet by FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. Access to this WEBSITE is subject to the prior reading and acceptance by the user of the terms, conditions, notices, warnings and other legal notifications contained in these clauses. Access to this WEBSITE is free of charge and does not require any form of prior subscription or registration. Any connections to other WEBSITES which may exist, along with the use which the user makes of them, are subject to the present General Terms of Use and to any specific conditions which such WEBSITES may require. Any use other than that authorised is expressly prohibited.

Rights and obligations of the service provider

As the service provider, FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., is required to render the services offered through this WEBSITE, to effectively guarantee the confidentiality of any communications which may exist with the user and to respond to any claims which may come about. This WEBSITE does not collect or store personal data from visitors unless voluntarily supplied by the user.

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, changes and updates to the information contained in the WEBSITE or its configuration or presentation, in which case it shall strive to make this circumstance known to users, whenever circumstances so allow.

The user shall be solely liable for access to the WEBSITE and for the use made of the information it contains. FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., shall be in no way liable for any damages or harm which may come about as a result of such access to or use of information, save for those actions which are required due to legislation applicable to it in the course of its activities.

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. cannot directly or indirectly guarantee the information or services offered, save for those guarantees which must be given by law or which are explicitly described in an agreement between this company and the user.

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. cannot guarantee any content supplied by third parties, nor can it guarantee the truthfulness, reliability or accuracy of the information supplied or its appropriateness or suitability for use by the user or any other person at other destinations.

User rights and obligations

The user must, at all times, make licit use of the services of the present WEBSITE, in accordance with current legislation, and respect the intellectual property rights of FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP.

The user may not use the services made available by FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., in order to carry out any actions which may cause damage or changes to the content. Furthermore, the user must not impede the correct operation of the WEBSITE, to which end he/she must not contribute to any type of technical problems and shall refrain from transferring items likely to contain computer viruses or items which could damage, interrupt or intercept, totally or partially, the present WEBSITE, and shall similarly refrain from interfering with or altering the email accounts and messages of other users.

Exclusion of guarantees and liability for the operation of the website and its services

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. cannot guarantee the availability and continued operation of the present WEBSITE and its services. This excludes all liability for damages of any nature resulting from any lack of availability or continuity of the WEBSITE and its services.

Fagor Industrial, S. COOP. uses personal data protection systems to prevent access by third parties. (Confidentiality Policy of FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP.) FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. has implemented all appropriate technical and organisational security measures in order to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and storage of the personal data provided by users. In this regard, the aforementioned company disclaims all liability for any damages incurred in the event of such knowledge.

Although FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. has implemented appropriate measures in order to guarantee security, it does not control and cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the content of this WEBSITE which may cause changes to the user's computer system (software and hardware) or any electronic documents and files stored on it. FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. disclaims any liability for damages of any kind resulting from virus in the content which may cause changes to the computer system, electronic documents, files etc.

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., cannot guarantee the absence of errors when accessing the WEBSITE or its content. In consequence, the user releases FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., from any liability regarding the reliability or usefulness of the Portal or any false expectation it may produce whilst browsing.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights for this WEBSITE and the different elements contained herein are owned by FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., save for those corresponding to companies with which it has entered into an agreement for the provision of content, and are protected by national and international intellectual property laws. The exclusive exercise of the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights belong to the aforementioned company. The design, images, maps, charts, marks, signs and logos of FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., frames, banners, software and software codes, source code, etc. of this website are owned by FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., which legitimately has exclusive rights to exploit them.

Users accessing this WEBSITE may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell the aforementioned elements or create new products or services derived from the information obtained. Viewing and downloading are only authorised for personal, non-commercial use by users, who shall in no case be entitled to extend this to third persons or entities. Any modification of this WEBSITE by the user, or any action which may affect its content, such as links or similar, is strictly forbidden. FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. shall ensure that this WEBSITE does not contain any material which is pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, racist or defamatory or which promotes violence. Moreover, it shall do its utmost to prevent any circumstances which may be harmful to users.


This Portal may not be linked to from any other WEBSITE without the express prior consent of FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. expressly states that it does not in any way control or have responsibility for the content of any external websites or portals linked to from the present WEBSITE. Any links provided at this WEBSITE are solely for the purposes of informative reference, without any evaluation of their content, owners, services or products. In any case, FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. shall be released from all liability with regards to the services provided by such third parties in the event of any claims or lawsuits of any nature which result from this circumstance.

Law and Jurisdiction

LAW AND JURISDICTION These General Terms of Use and Navigation and all relationships established between the user and and FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP. shall be governed by Spanish law. In the event of any legal dispute deriving from the existence or content of these General Terms and Conditions or the relations between the user and FAGOR INDUSTRIAL, S. COOP., both parties agree to subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Bergara, and expressly renounce any other jurisdiction which may correspond to them.

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