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Porta Fira Hotel


Project description

Porta Fira Hotel in Barcelona

Barcelona- Spain
Installation by
Fagor Industrial Catalunya Office

What did they need?

Integral equipment for all the restaurant zones of the hotel.

Fagor Industrial Solution

An integral installation was designed for the different spaces in the hotel, from the basement in which the refrigeration chambers and storeroom were installed to the main cooking zone, which was equipped with a dishwasher and professional cooking equipment from the 900 series. In addition, in the banquet zone, the kitchen service is being designed in collaboration with the company, Paradis. The restaurant kitchen was equipped with a wall-mounted kitchen from the 900 series with a dishwasher zone. Lastly, there is a spectacular oval-shaped design in the bar zone next to the lobby which is the work of the well-known Japanese architect, Toyo Ito.