Meet Fagor Industrial


Fagor Industrial is the leading manufacturer of machinery for the hotel and catering sector in Spain and tenth in the world. A multi-product manufacturer with an all-round integral offer. Global solutions accompanied by integral services for the catering professional.

Fagor Industrial is one of the few brands at international level to manufacture such a broad range of products: ovens, cooking equipment, dishwashers, laundry equipment, industrial cold refrigeration and buffets or stainless steel elements made to measure.

We are leaders in the national market, and as a result of our presence in international markets, we have reached a dimension that allows us to compete at the top.

Internationally recognised brands have placed their trust in Fagor Industrial

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At Fagor Industrial we are aware that people are a firm's greatest asset


We started in 1960 as a department of Fagor Electrodomésticos, marketing enamelled industrial cookers for the catering sector. We rapidly moved on to in-house manufacture, expanding our range to dishwashers and professional laundry equipment.

In 1974, Fagor Industrial Sociedad Cooperativa was created, breaking away from the parent company and moving to Oñati. Over the years we have extended our range of products, perfecting our offer and services.

Another major landmark was in 1997, when we opened the Lucena plant in Cordoba for the manufacture of industrial cold refrigeration appliances. We are committed to this line and promote it internationally.

For the last 15 years we have been committed to internationalisation, total quality and the demonstration of our products, opening factories in different strategic points around the world, and firmly supporting improvements in laboratories and technical services. We have also set up a strategy of demonstrations, backed up by our recently opened showrooms in Lucena and Oñati.

The results of this strategy were first visible in 2004 when we obtained the “Golden Q” certificate as a European Model of Business Excellence. Today Fagor Industrial continues to be a global reference with respect to both its products and/or services, and to its business style.

A history marked by a growth in talent and the pursuit of an idea

At present, Fagor Industrial is a reference as an all-round supplier in solutions for the hotel and catering trade.

At present, Fagor Industrial is a reference as an <span>all-round supplier</span> in solutions for the hotel and catering trade.

Mission and values

As part of the Mondragon cooperative experience, we seek to be recognised as a business where:

  • We grow with our customers, working together to find the most efficient solutions wherever needed.
  • We act as a team of responsible people involved in a common project.
  • We are committed to society and its future with the development of energy-efficient and sustainable products.

Our values

  • Integrity

    We act with integrity, open and transparently, seeking to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial relations with the people who form the group and with our customers and allies.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to striving to obtain results through work well-done and by complying to and keeping to our promises.

  • Global team

    We are A Global Team. We listen to and endorse each person's contributions, we share a Group vision and we adopt, as our own, decisions that place common good above partial interests.

  • Initiative

    We act with Initiative, taking a proactive attitude in order to provide solutions to the customer quickly, to constantly seek better ways of performing and to build an increasingly stronger company.


Our quality, environment and safety policies have been integrated into the company's Management Manual.

These management systems have been introduced in accordance with internationally recognised Standards (ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OSHAS 18001:2007) and are all certified.

Management quality at Fagor Industrial received very special recognition when in October 2004 we received the Golden Q awarded by Euskalit, certification which guarantees strict compliance to the standards established by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management).

The opening of the laboratories in Lucena (200 m2) and Oñati (700 m2) confirms Fagor Industrial's commitment to becoming a global reference in R&D&I and in Quality, in the industrial equipment for the hotel and catering and laundry sector. In 2011, 8.5 million Euros were invested in R&D&I.

  • Euskalit Golden Q
  • IQNet Certification
  • AENOR Registered Company
  • AENOR Environmental Management
  • AENOR Occupational Health and Safety

Maintaining quality levels is at the top of our priorities

Together we evolve


Joint effort

At Fagor Industrial we believe joint effort is the best way to obtain the most efficient solutions. We work with the responsibility of giving the best of ourselves to ensure the result is a shared achievement.

Together, always close. Working in a team with customers, distributors and professionals.


Talented people

Fagor Industrial are the people who make it possible, and who make Fagor into a universally recognised brand. People who seek constant improvement, who seek to cross limits. Talented and dedicated people committed to going further.


Spirit of evolution

We live in a moving world, where evolution is a duty: innovate, seek better, more efficient solutions. Do things well, strive for excellence, offer value.

At Fagor Industrial this spirit of evolution has allowed us to become who we are today.