Ingredients refrigerated cabinets

• It can fit GN 1/4, 150 mm deep containers. Containers are not included in the standard equipment.
• Cooling unit included.
• R-134a ecological cooling (CFC free).
• Cold plate refrigeration system.
• Thermostatic control of temperature (+2 ºC, +8 ºC). Digital display.

  Model Glass cover Container volume Electric power (W) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
MI-135 MI-135 Plano 5*GN 1/4 178 1496x336x450 Download
MI-150 MI-150 Plano 6*GN 1/4 178 1790x336x450 Download
MI-180 MI-180 Plano 8*GN 1/4 178 2019x336x450 Download
MI-202 MI-202 Plano 9*GN 1/4 178 2240x336x450 Download
MI-225 MI-225 Plano 10*GN 1/4 216 1340x336x250 Download
MIT-135 MIT-135 Cubierta abatible inox 5*GN 1/4 178 1496x336x250 Download
MIT-150 MIT-150 Cubierta abatible inox 6*GN 1/4 178 1790x336x250 Download
MIT-180 MIT-180 Cubierta abatible inox 8*GN 1/4 178 2019x336x250 Download
MIT-202 MIT-202 Cubierta abatible inox 9*GN 1/4 178 2240x336x250 Download
MIT-225 MIT-225 Cubierta abatible inox 10*GN 1/4 216 558 x 316x 737 Download
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