GLOBE COUNTERS - Concept 700 Gastronorm


Refrigerated counters with drawers

• High quality austenitic stainless steel inside and outside (except for galvanized back panel).
• 50 mm, 40 kg/m3 injected polyurethane isolation.
• Forced draught cooling system inside the room.
• Copper piping and aluminium flaps evaporator.
• Digital display for electronic and digital control of temperature and defrosting.
• The controls are integrated in the front panel for a better protection against dirt. IPX5 compliant, the controls are protected against water splash and jets.
• Opened door delay alarm.
• Easier loading and unloading thanks to its door self-closing and stay open features.
• Removable and height adjustable plastic covered steel shelves for easy cleaning (GN1/1 size).
• Equipment per door: 1 GN 1/1 grid and 2 sets of height adjustable tray slides.
• Built in drainage to get rid of waste liquids inside the unit.
• Embedded bottom and curved panels inside for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Height adjustable stainless steel legs.
• 10 cm high splashback.
• Stainless steel bottom perforated drawers can stand loads up to 40 kg.
• Different drawer sets.
- 1 door D = 2 drawers unit H.
- 1 door D = 3 drawers unit T.
• Working temperature: from -2 ºC up to +8 ºC.
• Climatic class 4.

• Wheels kit (factory assembly).
• Without splashback.
• Without worktop.
• Different drawer models.
• Left side cooling unit.

  Model Energy efficiency Gross capacity (l) Annual consumption kW/year Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
EMFP-135-GN HD EMFP-135-GN HD C 274 752 1342x700x850 Download
EMFP-135-GN HH EMFP-135-GN HH C 274 752 1342x700x850 Download
EMFP-180-GN HDD EMFP-180-GN HDD C 428 931 1792x700x850 Download
EMFP-180-GN HHD EMFP-180-GN HHD C 428 931 1792x700x850 Download
EMFP-180-GN HHH EMFP-180-GN HHH C 428 931 1792x700x850 Download
EMFP-225-GN HDDD EMFP-225-GN HDDD C 581 1096 2242x700x850 Download
EMFP-225-GN HHDD EMFP-225-GN HHDD C 581 1096 2242x700x850 Download
EMFP-225-GN HHHD EMFP-225-GN HHHD C 581 1096 2242x700x850 Download
EMFP-225-GN HHHH EMFP-225-GN HHHH C 581 1096 2242x700x850 Download
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