Special grids

Grills for special roasts are available for the oven range: Gastronorm grills, chicken and spare rib roasting grills, both made of stainless steel, and grills for roasting or marking made of cast aluminium with a non-stick coating.

Chicken superspike and rib grid

Arranging chickens, ducks and ribs in a vertical position makes breast meat especially succulent and gives crisp, evenly browned skin.

  Model GN Type Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CO-GN-1/1 CO-GN-1/1 - - - 325x530x0 -
PO-GN-1/1 PO-GN-1/1 - - - 325x530x0 Download


  Model GN Type Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
GRILL-1/1 GRILL-1/1 - - - 325x530x20 -
MULTIGRILL-1/1 MULTIGRILL-1/1 - - - 325x530x20 Download
GRILL-2/3 GRILL-2/3 - - - 354x325 -
MULTIGRILL 2/3 MULTIGRILL 2/3 - - - 354x325 -


Made of AISI-304 wire.

  Model GN Type Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
GN-23 GN-23 GN-2/3 - - 325x354 -
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