Compact blast chillers

Our ATM blast chillers offer different sizes to suit every user’s needs. All of them, from the small table top blast chillers to the large size freezers with capacity for GN2/1 trays, are fitted with an electronic control system entirely developed by Fagor Industrial R & D & i.

ATA series

• Mixed models, for chiller blasting (+3 ºC) or freezing cycles (-18 ºC).
• There two working options both for chiller blasting and freezing:
- Power cycle: for over 2 cm thick compact products.
- Soft cycle: for less than 2 cm thick or low density products. The cycle is run in two programmed stages. The soft cycle prevents frost on the product.
• Cycle duration:
- Refrigerating cycle: 90 minutes.
- Freezing cycle: 240 minutes.
• Electronic timer and temperature sensor.
• The cycles can be controlled by time or by temperature according to the reading of the temperature sensor inside the product (time control is automatically applied when no probe is used).
• When the refrigerating cycle is over, the equipment works as a refrigerated cabinet, and the temperature remains between +2 and +4 ºC, or as a freezer, with temperatures under -18 ºC.
• Hermetically sealed compressor with ventilated condenser.
• R-404A ecological cooling (CFC free).
• 60 mm thick injected polyurethane isolation.
• 40 kg density. CFC free.
• Copper piping and aluminium flaps evaporator.
• Forced draught cooling system.
• Automatic evaporation of defrosting water (all models except for ATA-102).
• Inner tray slides included.

Ordering options:
• Heated probe.
• USB port.

  Model Capacity GN Voltage (V) Electric/Cooling power (W) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ATA-061 ATA-061 6 GN-1/1 230V-1N 1600/990 900x935x1105 Download
ATA-101 ATA-101 10 GN-1/1 230V-1N 2000/1300 900x935x1766 Download
ATA-102 ATA-102 20 GN-1/1 400V-3N 2300/2850 1200x1130x1766 Download
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