Electric Advance Concept injection ovens

The ADVANCE CONCEPT electric injection ovens are marketed in seven models of varying dimensions and powers. The power of these ovens varies from 9.30 kW to 62.40 kW.

  Model Capacity GN Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ACE-061 ACE-061 6 GN-1/1 - 12 GN-1/2 10,20 - 898x867x846 Download
ACE-101 ACE-101 10 GN-1/1 - 20 GN-1/2 19,20 - 898x867x1117 Download
ACE-102 ACE-102 10 GN-2/1 - 20 GN-1/1 31,20 - 1130x1063x1117 Download
ACE-201 ACE-201 20 GN-1/1 - 40 GN-1/2 38,40 - 929x964x1841 Download
ACE-202 ACE-202 20 GN-2/1 - 40 GN-1/1 62,40 - 1162x1074x1841 Download
Concept Optima AE-0623 ACE-0623 6 GN-2/3 5,80 - 657x563x570 Download
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