Gas Advance-Plus ovens

The new range of ADVANCE PLUS gas ovens has a built-in operating control system with a touch control screen, and has 4 cooking modes: steam, controlled steam, regeneration and convection (up to 300 ºC). As well as operating in manual mode, the user may select the Fagor Cooking mode (Fagor-recommended or own recipes), or the Fagor Easy mode designed for those seeking an easy life. The required voltage for the Advance plus gas ovens is 230V 1+N-50 Hz- optional, 60 Hz.

  Model Capacity GN Gas power kW Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
APG-061 APG-061 6 GN-1/1 - 12 GN-1/2 12,00 1,20 898x922x846 Download
APG-101 APG-101 10 GN-1/1 - 20 GN-1/2 18,00 1,20 898x922x1117 Download
APG-102 APG-102 10 GN-2/1 - 20 GN-1/1 35,00 1,20 1130x1063x1117 Download
APG-201 APG-201 20 GN-1/1 - 40 GN-1/2 36,00 2,40 929x964x1841 Download
APG-202 APG-202 20 GN-2/1 - 40 GN-1/1 65,00 2,40 1162x1074x1841 Download
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