• Model with electronic and digital control.

• Useful internal clearance 380 mm. Admits GN-1/1 trays.

• 60”, 90” and 120” washing cycles.

• 60 baskets/hour maximum theoretical production.

• Specific ”Glass” washing program for glassware, in compliance with the specifications of safety and hygiene regulation DIN10511.

• 600 W wash pump.

• 14 litre tank with 0.8 kW heating element.

• 7 litre boiler with heating of 1.9 / 2.8 kW for mono-phase voltage, to be selected at time of installation (“Multipower”).

• Rinse booster pump that assures a perfect hygienic result with linear 85 ºC full rinsing cycle (Effi-Rinse).

• Rinse with thermostop system.

• 2.4 litre water consumption per cycle.

• Multivoltage feature allows the usage of the machine in both single phase and three phases installations.

• Alternate or simultaneous heating of tank and boiler.

• Stainless steel filter trays in the tank.

• Magnetic security micro in door opening.

• Basket provision: 1 x CT-10 base basket, 1 x CP-16/18 plate basket and two cutlery containers.

  Model Power kW Racks / Hour Production Plates/Hour Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
AD-505 AD-505 MULTIPOWER 60 1080 600x600x830 Download
AD-505 SOFT AD-505 SOFT MULTIPOWER 60 1080 600x632x830 Download
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