Entry / exit elements

A wide range of entry-exit elements are sold for the conveyor belt dishwashers: prewash tables with built-in loader at an angle, rack loaders at an angle, automated curves at exit.

Introductors of baskets in corner

Element to introduce the baskets in the machine. Movement by the avancement system of the conveyor. Lower shelf.

  Model Basket capacity Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
E-90-I E-90-I - - - 700x600x850 Download
E-90-I-CV E-90-I-CV - - - 700x600x850 Download
E-90-D E-90-D - - - 700x600x850 Download
E-90-D-CV E-90-D-CV - - - 700x600x850 Download

Automatized curves

Automatic movement with the conveyor exit system.

  Model Basket capacity Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
180-I 180-I - - - 1442x777x850 Download
180-I-TS 180-I-TS - - - 1442x777x850 Download
180-D-TS 180-D-TS - - - 1442x777x850 Download
180-D 180-D - - - 1442x777x850 Download
90-I-TS 90-I-TS - - - 778x778x850 Download
90-I 90-I - - - 778x778x850 Download
90-D-TS 90-D-TS - - - 778x778x850 Download
90-D 90-D - - - 778x778x850 Download

Rolling tables

Removable rolling units made in ABS, Ø 40 mm. Easy cleaning. Drain outlet. Adjustable stainless steel legs. Can be connected to the automatic curves

  Model Basket capacity Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
MR2C MR2C 2 - - 1150x630x870 Download
MR3C MR3C 3 - - 1660x630x870 Download
MR4C MR4C 4 - - 2170x630x870 Download
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